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🚀 Airdrop: BSCBOND
💰 Value: $ 50
đŸ‘Ĩ Referral: $ 0.5
💸 10 + 0.1
⏰ 3 minutes

Talk with the telegram bot

📖 Step-by-step guide:
🔹ī¸ Join our Telegram group ( with a positive comment
🔹ī¸ Join our telegram channel (
🔹ī¸ Follow us on Twitter (, retweet pinned post and Tag 10 friends with #BSCB
🔹ī¸ Make a post about Bscbond project and tag us on Twitter
🔹ī¸ Visit our website ( and read the Litepaper (

✏ī¸ Optional Task
🔹ī¸ Task visit our website ( and join waitlist for NFT Marketplace

📃 Information
Decentralizing real-world bond reserves to pay holders 20%pa base return with BUSD stable coin for sustainable investments, powered by a community NFTs ecosystem in multi-trillion binance smart chain network.